Educational and Enjoyable Programs Presented at Your Location By Volunteer Bowers Museum Speakers Bureau Docents

Docent Guild Speakers Bureau programs are given by museum docents. Presented in power point or slide format, the programs provide meaningful insight into a particular era, culture or museum exhibition. Programs run between 20 to 90 minutes and most can be tailored to fit your organizations needs. We are confident our presentations will be your window to the world’s richest cultures.

The programs are available to professional, social, civic, church and youth organizations. Programs can also be tailored to your organizations specific needs by making arrangements in advance.

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Programs Available

Meet the Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts – A slide overview of the history and present focus of the museum.

Africa and the Middle East
  • African Art and Culture – Presentation of African art and culture including musical instruments.
  • Ancient Nubia – Slide presentation of Nubia and Egyptian Pharaohs and their relationship.
  • Egypt; Land of the Pharaohs – Slides depicting ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and practices.
  • Queen of Sheba: Was She or Wasn’t She? – Slide presentation of selected artifacts from the Bowers Museum exhibit.
  • The Life and Paintings of Frank Coburn – Power point presentation introducing the artist and his work. Includes a short history of a short history of the Bowers Museum.
  • Paintings in the Bowers Museum Collection – Power point presentation highlighting some of the paintings in the Bowers Museum collection. The presentation includes a short history of the museum as founded by Charles and Ada Bowers.
  • Centuries of Chinese Art – A slide presentation showing the various styles and materials of Chinese art over the centuries.
  • Chinese Jade; Stone of Heaven – Slides and artifacts define the role of Jade in Chinese art and culture.
  • Forbidden City – A peek behind the gate of this ancient home of Chinese emperors featuring slides of artifacts and interiors as depicted in the Bowers Museum exhibit.
  • The Silent Army of Ch’in: – The life and times of China’s first emperor including his terra cotta soldiers and their weapons.
  • Tibet – Slides allowing a peek into “Shangri-La” featuring art and artifacts included in the Bowers Museum exhibit.
  • History of Bauer Pottery – Power point presentation of the founding of Bauer Pottery in Los Angeles and examples of their bright colored pottery through the years.
  • Missions of California – Early Spanish pioneering efforts in California depicted in slides.
  • Orange County History – Some of the people and events that shaped this area in which we live, depicted by slides of photos and artifacts.
  • The Ranchos – Slides baring the 50 years that put names on Southern California maps.
First Colonizers of Mezzo America
  • Before Cortez – Slides depicting the culture and accomplishments of some Pre-Columbian peoples.
  • Visions of the Shaman – The role of shamans as it began ancient in Mezzo-American culture.
  • Communing with Artifacts – A different way of looking at artifacts in your favorite museum. How to compare the environments, materials and methods that shaped culture’s response to the problems of writing, clothing, adornment, tools and depiction of the human form.
  • History of Fashion is Technology – Slide presentation showing how fashion depends on available technology to develop.
  • Maybe You Can Take it With You – Ancient burial practices around the world and how they help us learn about the cultures that produced them.
  • Masks of the World – Slide presentation of the materials and uses of masks in selected cultures.
  • Spirits and Headhunters – Slides of artifacts illustrating the beliefs and practices of selected Pacific Island cultures.

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All programs are subject to docent availability.

The Bowers Museum Docent Guild Speakers Bureau is a volunteer organization which supports the Bowers Museum of Cultural Arts, a registered 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Programs are offered free of charge though donations are welcome and may be tax deductible (please check with your tax advisor). Your donation will help support the Guild’s activities. Checks should be made out to the “Bowers Museum Docent Guild.”