About the Bowers Docent Guild

The purpose of the Docent Guild is to provide educational tours and presentations to the community through Bowers Museum.

The Guild of the Bowers Museum is an organization of volunteers who believe that learning about people through their arts will lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves as well as a fuller appreciation of the marvelous diversity of the human family.

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The members of the Bowers Museum Docent Guild

  • Enhance the experiences of Museum visitors by providing educational tours to adults, families and school groups
  • Bring the Museum to classrooms through School Outreach programs
  • Provide educational presentations to community groups and service clubs

About our logo

The Guild’s logo is the spiral, an ancient universal symbol that signifies the expanding of life, i.e. birth and growth. It is reflected in nature in the circles of tree rings, the growing snail shell, the whirlwinds and ripples on water, as well as the spiral growth of plants. To Guild members, it signifies the expansion of their own knowledge as they learn with each new Bowers exhibit and the joy that comes with an ever-increasing ability to serve the community.