Interactive Programs for Seniors’ Enjoyment

Presented at Your Location By Volunteer Bowers Museum Senior Outreach Docents

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Choose from the following artifact-filled programs that will engage your audience with choices including cultural art, historical events and fond memories of their life experiences.

Remembering Vintage Fashion is a lively program featuring our Docent Clothing Collection. Revisit the glamour of days gone by, from the early 1900’s

American Quilts, Stitches in Time revisits the quilts of your past. This program reviews the most familiar patterns in American Quilt Making.

Remember When explores a day in the life of a family from sun up to sun down, through work and leisure, in the kitchen and in the parlor, circa 1900-1930.

Memories of Childhood looks back at the clothes, toys, games, school days and summer joys of our lives from babyhood through school age years.

20th Century in Review is a decade-by-decade rumble seat down Memory Lane remembering music, automobiles, Route 66, fashion, telephones, radio, movies, television and the events that shaped our lives in the good old days.

California Rancho returns to southern California in the 1800s as we discover what life was like on a rancho: Clipper ships, making candles, branding cattle, California dollars, lariats, horse races, an adobe, cooking, clothing and a fiesta!

Hello Dolly uses character dolls from literature, history, advertising and show business to show how many wonderful people in American culture, real and fictional, have influenced our lives and given us wonderful moments to remember.

Bowers in a Box brings the museum to you as artifacts are unveiled revealing Pre-Columbian, First Californians, Mission, Rancho, and Asian cultures plus the extraordinary paintings of William and Alberta McCloskey.

Request an Outreach Program

Each presentation is approximately one hour. An additional half hour prior and half hour following is needed to set-up and pack-up. You will need to provide two 6-8 foot tables in front of the audience to hold the artifacts. Chairs should be arranged in a semi-circle two rows deed facing the tables. For large groups a center aisle is helpful.

Presentations by our Volunteer Docents are free of charge, but donations of cash or check (made out to the Bowers Museum Docent Guild) are very much appreciated. Donations are used to refurbish the artifacts and create new programs for your enjoyment.

Request an Outreach Program