• Special Assignment must benefit Bowers Museum and the Docent Guild.
  • The assignment cannot be longer than 12 months. Provisional Trainers will be on special assignment for 6 months, not to exceed 12 months in two consecutive years.
  • Docents on special assignment for 6 consecutive months or less will be given priority to return to his/her original team. Docents on special assignment for more than 6 consecutive months up to 12 months will be able to return to the original team only if there is an open slot available.
  • The Docent Guild Board must approve the assignment.
  • The Docent submitting the request will be notified of Board decision, in writing, within 30 days or less, following the Board meeting.
  • Progress on the assignment must be shared with the Docent Guild Board on a monthly basis either orally or in writing.

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